10 Tips To Remove Dust Mites From Mattress


Mattress is one of the fundamental needs of our daily life. It’s one place where we can rest peacefully after a tiring day. But imagine if the mattress is filled with dirt and mites, your cozy zone will be affected and can render you irritated and itchy bites. No, matter just how many times you change your bed sheet, clean your blankets, the things that trigger allergies will continue steadily to accumulate on the mattress. Vacuum cleaning is not effective to get rid of these mites. The dust and organic debris leads to serious health insurance and respiratory system issues. Asthma is also brought on in few individuals. Organic particles includes dead pores and skin, perspiration and family pet shedding. Pursuing are few tips to remove dirt mites from mattress:

  1. Humidity Control: Humidity takes on an important role in dust mite allergies. If the humidity levels are high, the dirt mites get ambient environment for development. So, utilizing a dehumidifier and shedding down humidity below 35% can make conditions unfavorable for the dust mites’ survival.
  2. Professional Mattress Cleaning: This is actually the best method to eliminate the dust mites. These experts clean and sanitize the mattress. Sanitation of the mattress kills he dirt mites and finally eliminates them. This sanitation of the mattress removes germs and bacterias, dust mites and their waste materials, insects, lice and even old discolorations. Things that trigger allergies like pollen and fungus spores are also removed with the professional cleaning.
  3. Ventilation: Provide proper ventilation in your own home, so that oxygen will circulate at home and through your mattress as well.
  4. Exposure To Sunlight: If it’s feasible that you can expose your mattress to sunshine then, this is wonderful for you. Dirt mites are killed with the contact with sunlight and the population of dirt mites is thus reduced. Sunshine actually reduces the humidity from the mattress and therefore kills the dust mites.
  5. Vacuuming And Dusting FROM THE Mattress: This technique will not actually kill dust particles mites, but really helps to control the populace.
  6. USAGE OF Air Filters: Setting up high-efficiency particulate air filters gets rid of dust from the environment. These air filters will control the grade of air flow inside your home.
  7. Wipe Areas With Damp Material: While cleaning the home, if you are utilizing a dried out material for dusting, then this will just circulate the dust in the air. So, try to clean and clean the areas with a moist cloth. This moist cloth cleaning is usually to be done weekly.
  8. Hot Clean: Cleaning your comforters and bedsheets in warm water. This will certainly reduce the dirt mite population.
  9. Use Allergen Evidence Addresses: Covering your mattress and pillows with allergen evidence cover is the better option for individuals who are highly allergic.
  10. Live Mess Free: A messy home invites dust mites and associated allergies. Always make an effort to keep the home mess free and prevent the unnecessary dust build up.

It must to be noted that dust mites can’t ever be eradicated totally, but going for a specialized mattress cleaning to keep carefully the mattress sanitized can help in healthy living. Kleen Asia Services provides services specialized in cleaning mattress in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to remove dust mites from mattress using steam extraction cleaning.. Our method of cleaning using steam extraction cleaning using eco friendly chemical to kill dust mites, germs, allergens and remove it using hot water extraction.