All our workers practice strict COVID-19 SOP at all times and do self test using Covid19 kit every once a week. If customers need PCR/RTK test result, they require to bear the cost.

The method we use for cleaning is hot water extraction, commonly referred to as steam cleaning. We use recommended carpet cleaning chemical solution sprayed on the carpet fibers.  Then, using steam cleaning machine it creates a powerful suction extracts deep-down dirt, allergens, cleaning solution and 95% of the moisture.

Steam extraction cleaning is the most widely used and recommended method for effective cleaning to improve rug carpet condition. It is recommended by most carpet manufacturers and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) (US), click here to read, to maintain a cleaner carpet and healthier environment for commercial and homes.

We take your concern our top priority. Our Supervisors and cleaners have been trained and working with us more than 2 years. We also able to furnish workers reference details in advance of job site visit.

We highly recommend our customers once a year is the best practice for hygiene and longer lifespan of your investment. Cleaning costs are minimal when you consider replacement costs.

Heavy furniture can damage carpet overtime by creating divots (small indentations) in the fibers of the carpet. Sometimes these dents are removable, and sometimes they are not; it depends on how long the furniture has been in the same place. Furniture can also damage a carpet by ripping the fibers out of the carpet’s padding causing them to fray.

We offer 7 days from date of delivery for cleaning service warranty on touch up. You are required to WhatsApp to 019-276 7102 send photos of areas of your complaint for us ascertain and verify if the areas are stains or permanent carpet fiber or fabric damage.

Terms & condition

You need photo submission of the area of problem via WhatsApp. Complaints must be addressed within 7 from date of delivery.

If after the 7 days time period of service warranty we will charge full price.

The client must be on site to show the area during pick up and sign off form after validation we have completed the job.

Our office will do the best to arrange soonest possible and available free slot date and time during working days (Monday-Saturday) and office hours.

We only do touch up on area of stains and will not clean the whole carpet unless if it requires.

Warranty will void if customer try to clean themselves with any method.

Warranty will void if Stains caused by bleach, corrosives, acne medicines, dyes, inks, abuse, vandalism, or disasters such as floods, fire or other acts of God.

Pet or other stains of a repetitive nature.

We will be unable to improve carpet conditions look which have worn out old carpet fibers and if it is not cleaned for a long time. The carpet fibers have damaged causing dis-colorization and tough old stains will not be able to be removed. If you insist of cleaning and it is for the sole purpose for hygiene and removing allergens. Important Note (some customers think applying more chemical and do few times can improve the look of carpet): We will not clean more than once or apply heavy chemical solutions to clean because it would worsen/ damage the carpet fibers.

This is a misconception, applying more chemical or force scrubbing on stains or warn out carpet may unfortunately cause more damage to the carpet fiber. Our cleaning technicians are trained to treat all type of stains with recommended correct machine handling and safe chemical application on carpet/ upholstery.

We guarantee our carpet cleaning service to clean your carpet. Unfortunately some stains are permanent damage to the fabric fiber causing discoloration and we are unable to clean such as old stains, warn out carpet causing discoloration, watermark, pet urine marks, dyes, gum, pen marking, paint, food coloring, old coffee and food stain,rust, oil and paint marks. Disclaimer: We charge full service fees for supply of labor, transportation, chemical and machine as quoted if stains are not able removed. Our service is performed in best effort basis, safe & recommended professional cleaning method.

Customer must request quote separately for spot stain cleaning, this process cleaning is not same as general carpet cleaning service. Price for spot cleaning is separate. Spot stain cleaning are for stains on particular area for stains like food, alcohol, blood, oil, paint, gum and cosmetics. Spot stain cleaning is subjective and we do not guarantee the condition improvement due to damage of the stains done on the carpet fabric.

Generally 99% stains can be removed, however there are conditions that may cause stain marks permanent, due to age of the stain and discoloration. Watermarks are subjective, sometimes can be removed 80% if the stain did not damage the carpet fiber. But sometimes the watermark damage becomes permanent to the carpet fiber, sometimes after cleaning area of the watermark spot it becomes more visible, this is due to the discoloration on the watermark spot and the surrounding area stains after removed becomes brighter. We recommend immediate cleaning on water damage area within 1 week to avoid permanent watermark damage.

Disclaimer: Generally after any cleaning will expose damages or color fading, rust or disoloration or damage marks due to stains or dirt that have hidden the discoloration or damages are removed. Carpet is generally exposed to daily wear & tear and damages sometimes are not visible to our eyes. Our cleaning chemical or method does not cause any discoloration or damage to carpet.

Stored old rug carpet will not be able to see any appearance improvement after cleaning due to the stains has become a permanent damage to the fiber. Carpet that is old or/and been stored by wrapping will become stiff and crunchy due to the fiber of the carpet dried. There is no solution to this problem.

Our chemicals are of highest quality, it is water based and non-hazardous, it is safe on all type of carpets (roll carpet & tile), upholstery fabric. Our cleaning process extracts effectively all chemical residue and water from the carpet/ upholstery.

Yes, our 3 step process removes the stains, sanitize, deodorize and deep extracts the bacteria that causes the smell.

Yes, customers duty to inform cleaning contractor before we start our job at your site. Importantly customer is required to inform carpet condition if there are any damages visible and should be cared. Customer also must inform in advance for specialty carpets that requires carpet manufacturers recommended cleaning chemical and method. We are not responsible for any discoloration or damage to carpet if customer do not provide carpet manufacturers cleaning chemical and method.

During collection we provide collection note receipt and confirmation note upon delivery.

Rug carpet that are unclaimed, not collected, or not able to deliver to customer, or uncontactable customer will be disposed after 60 days from collection date. Customer responsibility chekcing the status of their carpet by contacting our hotline number 010-2721266.

Customer need to contact our office admin at 012-6126697

Upon customer request date & time we will come to pick up, same day possible. Cleaning and drying process takes 1-5 days, depending on the condition of the carpet, some carpet requires multiple times cleaning. Delivery will be arranged as soon carpet has completely dry, estimated 7-10 working days. We will call/ whatsapp customer to arrange delivery date and time.

Soon after drying the carpet, we will immediately vacuum pack inside plastic to avoid dust accumulating on the carpet. Wrapping a rug is especially helpful if you need to transport or store it. This extra layer of protection will help keep out bugs, dirt and other elements that can damage the delicate fibers.

Sorry we do not offer service to repair damage rug carpet. Our service is limited to only cleaning for hygiene purposes.